The society has valued beauty for centuries. In literature, attractiveness is usually associated with an admirable hero while ugliness denotes the antagonist. The word beauty was used by people from all cultures and races – foot-bindings in China to corsets that were dangerously tight in Victorian times to nose jobs 800 B.C. India. Although plastic surgery dates back to ancient times, the general public has just recently accepted it – related site!

It’s a universal desire for people to look the way society wants them to. Irish immigrants from New York, in the late nineteenth century, got “English’ noses so that they would look more American. It is usually the case that the appearance of the dominant social group determines the “ideal” appearance in a society. In pop culture, plastic surgery is a common occurrence. American society is continually exposed to pictures of altered people, including celebrities. Mike Williams’ cartoon shows two women looking at Rembrandt’s portrait and saying, “You’d have thought that, with his success, he could afford to fix up the nose.” The belief in society that beauty is necessary for success can be seen here. Rembrandt, a well-known artist is being criticized by the woman in the cartoon. They aren’t criticizing his talent; rather they are critiquing the way he looks. The appearance of a person is more important to our society than their ability.

Do patients who have plastic surgery feel better afterward? There are mixed results in studies on whether or not plastic surgery improves self-esteem, confidence, and quality of life.

In general, studies show that patients felt more positive about their appearance and were satisfied with the results. It was especially true for women who had undergone reduction mammoplasty. Improvements were seen in “self value”, “self esteem”, stress and shyness, and “quality life”.

Cosmetic surgery has become more accessible to everyone. The banks now provide loans. Plastic surgery is becoming more mainstream, and it’s worth considering whether or not the beauty of a person will diminish as they can now afford it.

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The Philosophy of L’Image

L’Image’s philosophy is to treat each patient as an individual, and not as just another number or patient. You will be shown the exact procedure and told about any potential side effects. We also make sure that you feel comfortable and confident with your doctor.

We have a team that will help with your every need. It is led by Dr. Thind and includes a cosmetic surgeon, devoted men and woman, and our other cosmetic surgeons. Local, national, and international clients are catered for.

Our cosmetic surgery services are available to both men and women.