YouTube can be a great platform for sharing content and building careers. Some creators, in their efforts to get more visibility on the site, have purchased YouTube views. This practice has been controversial amongst the online community. In this article, we will examine the pros, the cons and the ethical implications of buy youtube views.

Benefits of buying Youtube views

1. More visibility: Buying YouTube views will increase your exposure. The increased views can attract organic viewers, and snowball recognition.

2. A video that has a high number of views is likely to attract more viewers. Videos and content that have been seen by other people are more likely to get watched.

Credibility: Videos that have a large number of views will be perceived as more credible and popular, which can attract advertisers and collaborators. This opens up new possibilities for content creators.

Cons of buying Youtube views

1. YouTube policy violations: Buying YouTube views is a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Services. You may be subject to penalties, such as account suspension, demonetization, or account termination, if you are found guilty of this practice.

Inauthentic engagement: Views purchased do not translate to real engagement, such as comments and likes. The lack of interaction may damage the growth and authenticity of a channel over time.

Scams are possible: Some services that offer YouTube views may be fake accounts or bots. Not only does this violate YouTube’s policies, but it can also compromise the security of a YouTube channel.

The ethical dilemma

Honesty and transparency are three of the most important ethical considerations when purchasing YouTube views. Creators who earn views organically have put in much effort. Buying views can undermine their efforts. By misleading viewers, inflated views may also harm the integrity of YouTube.